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Located on Brisbane’s Northside at Blackwood St Mitchelton, Reform Studios provides the best in specialised Pilates instruction. We offer group, small group and private instruction in both Reformer and Mat Pilates.

Our mission is to help you get strong, regain your vitality and find your happy place to exercise…

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Mates Rates Barber Shop

Welcome to Mates Rates Barber Shop I’m a young guy who has now been a barber for 15 years but a old school barber at heart come down say G’day grab a Hot or Cold Beverage take a seat listen to some great banter & music and I’ll take u through the experience of a old fashion haircut u will not be disappointed for the moment u walk in till the moment u leave I have worked hard to get to where I am today and couldn’t be much happier to have my own shop and doing what I love to do best and that’s making guys and kids feel great and to see a smile on there face at the end of the service makes my job that much more rewarding. Hope to see u all soon.

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