FEE SCHEDULE as of 01/06/2022


*Medicare gap payments payable on initial and follow up consultations up to the standard fees as set below
** 24hr notice cancellation policy and 'NO SHOW' 'failed to attend' $50.00 admin fee applies to all consultations. This is payable before the next consult.


INITIAL CONSULTATION 1 area                                                      40 minutes                    $95.00

INITIAL CONSULTATION 2-3 areas or complex case                      60 minutes                    $110.00

FOLLOWUP CONSULTATION  1 area                                             30 minutes                    $75.00

FOLLOWUP CONSULTATION  2 areas or NEW CONDITION        40 minutes                    $95.00


We will ask you to fill in a new client details and health history form prior to your attendance (paper forms are available on the day) and then take you through to one of our private treatment rooms. We recognise that people are busy, so we aim to be on time for all our appointments so you do not have to wait.

After discussing your problem/s with your physiotherapist they may ask you to change into shorts to fully assess your injury or pain (please bring your own change of clothes). The Physio will then usually get you to perform some movements and carry out some tests to help diagnose your injury.

The first consultation will also include a treatment to get you started straight away on the path to recovery. This is often in the form of hands-on treatment and we will go over your home exercise program to complete at home.

The new patient consent is located under the FORMS tab of the BPM PHYSIO website and if you are new to BPM PHYSIO and made an online booking, you will receive this via email when you make your booking.

A follow up consultation is either 30 0r 40 mins depending upon the complexity of your treatment and the number of areas to be treated.


We’ll discuss any changes that have occurred with your symptoms and then review and progress your home exercises. After that we’ll reassess with some movements and follow up clinical tests and then commence hands on treatment.


Please wear suitable clothing to allow access to your affected body area.


Can you use Medicare rebates for Physiotherapy at BPM PHYSIO?

YES, you can use Medicare rebates for our physiotherapy services! 

Physiotherapy is widely regarded as an excellent treatment option for a myriad of musculoskeletal conditions, such as hip and knee arthritis, shoulder rotator cuff tears and bursitis, tennis elbow, all tendon pain, low back pain and neck pain.

Medicare rebates, on referral from your GP, are applicable for physiotherapy consultations.

How does it work: Medicare rebates for physiotherapy?

Step 1

to be eligible for the medicare rebates under the Chronic Disease management program you need a valid and current referral from your GP. Speak to your GP about these requirements, as you need to qualify to be eligible.


Step 2

your GP will send the clinic an agreement, which must be signed by BPM PHYSIO, before your attend the clinic. If you have this agreement on you, please arrange for it to be sent to the clinic before your first appointment. 


Step 3

you attend for physiotherapy consultations at BPM PHYSIO, get some excellent treatment and advice. We claim the $55.10 Medicare rebate on the spot (as of 01 July 2021), and you pay the gap. It's as simple as that. The rebate is usually a lot higher than what most private health funds will give you. You can even use your private health fund (if you have extras) to pay some or all of the gap payment (this depends on your scheme).


What are the consideration when claiming a Medicare rebate for Physiotherapy?

You are entitled to 5x 'Allied Health' consultations per calendar year. If your GP has ruled that you have a chronic condition (remember, that's greater than 3 months duration). This could be used for 5x physiotherapy visits, or 3x physiotherapy and 2x podiatry visits in the calendar year. 


These 5 visits restart each calendar year, although your referral is valid for one year from it's start date.

What could go wrong trying to claim Medicare rebates?

Nothing that's ever a major problem, assuming you fit the eligibility criteria.

As long as your GP has deemed that you have a chronic and complex condition, and completed the necessary Chronic Disease Management plan paperwork, and nominated BPM PHYSIO as your Physiotherapy provider,  you should not have any concerns. It's quite a smooth system that ends up saving you a substantial amount on your physiotherapy health care.

Occasionally, a Medicare card will not allow the rebate to be done on our POS terminal. In this instance, you'd simply pay in full, then go to a Medicare office and have them rectify this.


Medicare rebate on all types of consultations is $55.10

     •Applied at time of consult

     •GP referral under the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Program is required

     •Private health funds may be used towards gap payments

Gap payments as follows:

     Initial standard consult 40 mins 1 area                           $39.90                              

     Initial long consult 60 mins 2-3 areas                             $54.90

     Follow-up standard  consult 30 mins(1 area)                 $19.90                                                 

     Follow-up long 40 min consultation (2 areas)                $39.90