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*no GAP on 20 minute follow-up appointments. Longer appointments available with a GAP payment up to standard fees.

** 24hr notice cancellation policy and 'NO SHOW' 'failed to attend' $50.00 admin fee applies to GAP FREE MEDICARE. This is payable before the next consult.


INITIAL CONSULTATION 1 area                                                     45 minutes                    $90.00

INITIAL CONSULTATION 2-3 areas or complex case                      60 minutes                    $105.00

We will ask you to fill in a new client details form and then take you through to one of our private treatment rooms. We recognise that people are busy, so we aim to be on time for all our appointments so you do not have to wait.

After discussing your problem/s with your physiotherapist they may ask you to change into shorts to fully assess your injury or pain (please bring your own change of clothes). The Physio will then usually get you to perform some movements and carry out some tests to help diagnose your injury.

The first consultation will also include a treatment to get you started straight away on the path to recovery. This is often in the form of hands-on treatment and we will go over your home exercise program to complete at home.

The new patient details form is located under the FORMS tab of the BPM PHYSIO website and if you are new to BPM PHYSIO and made an online booking, you will receive this via email when you make your booking.



FOLLOWUP CONSULTATION  1 area                                              30 minutes                   $70.00

FOLLOWUP CONSULTATION  2 areas                                             45 minutes                  $80.00

FOLLOWUP CONSULTATION  3 areas or complex treatment         60 minutes                   $95.00

A follow up consultation is either 30, 45, or 60 mins depending upon the complexity of your treatment and the number of areas to be treated.


We’ll discuss any changes that have occurred with your symptoms and then review and progress your home exercises. After that we’ll reassess with some movements and follow up clinical tests and then commence hands on treatment.


Please wear suitable clothing to allow access to your affected body area.

REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPY -   90 minutes                                                                $120.00

REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPY -   60 minutes                                                                $100.00

REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPY -   30 minutes                                                                $70.00

A remedial massage by a physiotherapist will include a comprehensive initial or follow-up assessment and a treatment plan will then be devised. Your treatment may also include myofascial cupping, dry needling and a variety of stretching methods as clinically indicated by your assessment. You’ll leave this session with advice and education on how to manage your symptoms as well as a home exercise program. Please wear appropriate clothing and underwear to allow access to the areas to be treated.


Please note that the 30 or 60 minute massage are only available to existing BPM PHYSIO clients that have already undergone and initial assessment and wish to have 30 mins of clinically indicated massage as the main part of their treatment regime.

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