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Complaints and Feedback handling Policy​

BPM PHYSIO strives to provide professional, high quality clinical care for all patients. If you feel we have not provided a level of care or service that meets these standards, you can make a complaint or provide feedback by contacting the clinic.


A complaint is an expression of concern, dissatisfaction or frustration with the quality or delivery of service, a policy or procedure, or the conduct of another person. 


BPM PHYSIO has a robust complaints policy that directs the client to the professionally accepted means to making a complaint and alternative channels for escalation. This process ensures fair, equal and transparent treatment for all involved parties.

How to make a complaint

 A complaint can be made by the client or someone acting on the client’s behalf providing they have the patients explicit consent to do so. This can be done verbally or by writing an email or sending a registered letter.You should ideally send your complaint in writing within a 3-month period of the event where you may believe you have grounds to complain.

How we manage complaints

Below is an outline of the processes we will adopt when dealing with your complaint

  • The first stage is local resolution whereby your complaint would take the form of a verbal or written submission to the clinician who treated you. Local resolution exists to help resolve complaints quickly where a more formal complaint may not be required. For example, the complaint may be the result of a simple misunderstanding where verbal explanation and if necessary an apology could resolve the complaint

  • If the local resolution process is not successful, then you can make a more formal complaint. You will need to put your complaint formally in writing (either letter/post or email) and send your complaint to:

    • By email: info@bpmphysio.com.au and put ‘Notification of Complaint’ in the subject field

    • By registered mail, address your letter to: BPM PHYSIO, shop 4, 12 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton, Queensland, 4053.

  • We will aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible

  • All complaints will be handled professionally, thoroughly and transparently with fairness shown to all parties concerned

  • A full investigation will be conducted to provide the required honest outcome

  • If the complainant is still not happy with an outcome, they will be provided with details of how they can obtain an independent review of their complaint


How will my complaint be reviewed?

Upon receipt of a formal complaint in writing you will receive acknowledgment within two working days. Please note if correspondence is via post and not by email, postal deliveries need to be taken into account. You will receive a full response from the Director of BPM PHYSIO within 21 days. If for any reason we are not able to meet the timescales we will keep you informed of progress.

Where can I get independent advice if I am still unhappy?

Any complainant who is still unhappy after we have concluded our investigations and provided a response can seek an independent review by contacting the Office of the Health Ombudsman Queensland as follows: